Services & Fees

Your engagement with the GreatLight team can range from hourly consulting for a specific short-term financial issue to full-service investment management and ongoing comprehensive planning services. Every business and family is unique and, at GreatLight, so are the solutions we craft. Our fees are listed for each service when you click the link below for a service.

Financial Plans
[Freq: once per engagement]
Investment Consulting
[Freq: varies by engagement]
Investment Management
[Freq: on-going engagement]
Comprehensive Financial
Action Plan (CFAP)

Investment Consulting
Services (ICS)

Premier Investment
Management Services (IMS)

Financial Independence
Action Plan (FIAP)

Hourly Consulting Premier Investment
Management and Planning
Services (IMPS)

Investment Action Plan (IAP)

Action Plan Update Services
are available for CFAP & FIAP.
 Areas of particular focus for a given service are indicated by the color's intensity.

Fee only financial planning at an affordable price is a priority of GreatLight Fee Only Advisors, LLC. (GLFOA). "Action Plans" are offered which impact all areas or selected areas of our client's financial life.

Note: Action Plans are one-time services based on information and data submitted by the clients. Clients are encouraged to update their plans annually for better results. Clients are encouraged to update plans when there are significant changes in life events. Plans do not provide ongoing monitoring of the portfolio or execution of recommendations.

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